Septic Services by Key Precast
& Supply Inc.
in Butler, PA

Key Precast & Supply Inc. is a Trusted Septic Supplies Company

When it comes to septic services in Butler, PA, Key Precast & Supply Inc. is your trusted partner. We offer a diverse range of solutions to meet your septic system needs, ensuring efficient and reliable wastewater management.

For all your septic system needs in Butler, PA, Key Precast & Supply Inc. is your go-to source. Contact us today at (724) 287-1964, or contact us to discuss your specific requirements, and let our experts provide you with top-notch septic services, products, and solutions.


Comprehensive Septic Tank Sales and Service


Dependable Water Storage Solutions

Custom Vault

Convenient In-State Delivery for Your Tanks and Vaults

Dependable Septic Tank Services

Our team of experts specializes in septic tank installations. Whether you need a new septic tank for your property or require assistance with an existing one, we ensure that your septic tank operates efficiently, reducing the risk of potential issues.

Water Tanks

In addition to standard septic tanks, we offer water tanks to meet the unique requirements of water storage. Key Precast & Supply Inc. manufactures water tanks with durability in mind, and ensures a consistent water supply for your needs.

Large Capacity Tanks (2000 Gallons and Up)

High-Capacity Solutions

For properties with higher demands, our large capacity tanks (2000 gallons and up) provide the necessary storage for efficient wastewater management. These tanks handle increased volumes effectively.

Grease Interceptors

Effective Grease Management

Grease interceptors are essential for preventing grease and oils from entering the septic system. Our grease interceptors efficiently trap and collect these substances, reducing the risk of blockages and system malfunctions.

Utility Vaults, Distribution Boxes, Inlets/Tops, Endwalls

Precast Accessories

We offer a variety of precast accessories, including utility vaults, distribution boxes, inlets/tops, and endwalls. These components play a crucial role in the overall performance and functionality of your septic system.